Posted: Dec 18, 2010


My name is Julie McNamara. I got pregnant after more than a year trying, with the aid of fertility meds. My water broke 10 weeks early at 30 weeks at 2 in the morning. My labor lasted 4 hours and out came Kallen, my daughter at 3 lbs. and my son, Liam, at 3 lbs. 10 oz.

The twins were rushed to the nursery and both put on ventilators and pricked with many tubes and needles. Kallen came off the ventilator within a day but Liam was on it for a few more days. They were placed eventually in the same incubator to comfort each other and tube fed through their nose every hour or two. This went on for four and a half weeks until they were about 4 lbs. Breast feeding was encouraged as well as pumping breast milk and taking it to the hospital. They were too young to suck and this made it difficult to feed on their own. At 5 1/2 weeks they were sent home with us, healthy but tiny. Their sucking was still labored and we fed them every 2 hours. With twins basically that is constantly. No sleep for us for the first couple of months til we got doing two things at once down pat. By the time they were two months old they were slightly over the 6 lb. mark--they almost looked pudgy. Overall I've noticed they are perfect but their development I've been told is that 10 weeks difference, ie. laughing, smiling was around 3-4 months, sleeping through the night around 11 months, holding a bottle 9 months, and now just starting to talk at 22 months with only a few words. The doctors say they'll be caught up by two but I don't really care anymore because they are beautiful and I love them for who they are and all the struggles their young lives have given them--now they are strong and wonderful!!!


Mother of 3 --Josh 4 1/2
Kallen 22 months
Liam 22 months

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