Benefits of Healthy Birth Weight


Everyone benefits when babies are born healthy, at term and with a healthy birth weight.


Babies benefit because:

  • They have the best possible start in life
  • They are less likely to get sick or die in their first year of life
  • They are less likely to have life-long health problems
  • They are less likely to have learning problems or problems with their development
  • They are more likely to reach their full potential to become active, contributing members of their community

Parents and families benefit because:

  • They can know the joys of watching a healthy child grow and develop
  • They may have an easier transition into their parenting role
  • They may feel more confident sooner in their ability to care for their child
  • They can return more easily to a normal (or a "new normal") life after the birth of their child
  • They are less likely to need extra health and social supports
  • They may experience less marital/family stress
  • They are more likely to maintain or resume their normal duties in the workplace

Workplaces benefit because:

  • Pregnant women who have safe, supportive and flexible working conditions are more likely to experience a healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth, and are more likely to return to work after the normal period of maternity leave
  • Employees who work in supportive environments are more likely to feel good about themselves and their job, and to contribute positively to the workplace

The community benefits because:

  • Children are its most precious resource - promoting healthy pregnancies and healthy births helps ensure the ongoing health of the community
  • A community is healthier when its citizens are healthy
  • Fewer resources (human and financial) are needed to support families with disabilities - more of these resources can be spent on maintaining a healthy population
  • Fewer special services, such as special education and developmental services are needed


Labour is easier when you have a small baby.
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